SimConnect, Where to Start?

Hey all,

I wish to learn to do one thing in SimConnect. To make something hover. Always wanted to make things hover and had to always use flaps. SimConnect can fix that. Can someone please tell me where to start on how to get this moving? I wish to know how (how) its done, so I can do other things. For instance, I needed to have turning abilities on my last project, and also to control drag and things that were outside of the FDE capabilities.

I would be very grateful for any guidance.

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Hey all..

I see there is a SimConnect forum here. I will go there to ask. That would be appropriate. Many thanks.

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Resource contributor
Bill: I've found that the SimConnect forum is a bit dead for basic information. If you're now heading into C-gauge territory, there's a get-you-started section in which retrieves the flight just loaded/just saved and does things with it.

Oh - and there's five different versions of SimConnect (FSX plus the P3D versions). If you're looking for cross-sim compatibility, stick with the FSX version of SimConnect and the version of gauges.h (called fsxgauges_sp2.h) included in the sd2gau archive.