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Sketchup, MCX, LcXML and P3Dv3..

Hello all.
New to scenery development. Been devouring this forum for information in the last few weeks, but now I'm stuck.
I created a flat ground poly covering my runway in Sketchup, converted the Collada file with MCX as per Arno's tutorial, but when I try to create the object library with LcXML, it says my MDL is not a valid MDL file.
Now the issue. I Only own P3D, been out of FSX for a while now, don't have any of my original DVD's, so I'm stuck with P3dV3's latest SDK, but apparently I can't use it to create my models, because I need FSX's sdk.
So now I'm stuck with a MDL file, with no way to convert it to BGL so I can place it.

Anyone able to help this newbie?
Thx in advance.


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FSDevConf team
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Did you use the latest development release of both MCX and Library Creator XML? Those most recent version do support P3D v3 and it should be possible to do what you are trying to achieve.

As a side note, placing a runway as a library object is usually not a good idea. To get better results most people use ground polygons, as the Ground Polygon Wizard of MCX can create for you.
Thank you, Arno.
Indeed I did the wrong procedure for a ground poly. As a matter of fact, right after I posted here, I found out about the Development version of MCX, P3d compatible, and that saved me!

I re-did all my procedures, exported via GP wizard and now it works nicely! Just a matter of refining texture and positioning and it's good to go.

Just a question.. do you recommend _LM textures for the runway asphalt?

Best regards,


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I don't think asphalt needs a night texture, since it doesn't emit light.