P3D v4 Sode and AI Traffic

I'm fighting with SODE and AI Traffic.

Some questions:
When I have two jetways, both will dock on AI (of course with the correct exits in aircraft.cfg)? At the moment only one will dock.

Why is here the jetway (Back) docking on the 747? and not the jetway Front (which is closer to exit 1)
and why is the big gap between the aircraft and the jetway (this is FMEE from FSDG). Gate 3 has a lot of problems, there's allways a big gap between Aircraft and Jetway on this scenery (more than the other gate's). The jetway should have more room to extend, because it's not fully extended.

other 4,5 and 6: only Jetway Front is operated. Only one with AI possible? and there's a small gap between Jetway and Aircraft.

Maybe anyone can help.