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Blender [SOLVED]Bender 2.8x Problem Uv unwrap texture rectangular

Hi all

I have a hardly believable problem, impossible to unwrap correctly on a 1024x512 texture for example,

No problem with a square texture (1024x1024).

On the 1024x512 texture the 'uv' are flattened 1/2

No problem with Blender 2.79

Really strange if someone can help me thanks
Example of a simple projection of the Top view



I created the texture 1024x512 before unwrap ....


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Don’t know much about Blender’s mapping methods, but have you got the x and y dimensions the right way round? Just a thought.
Yes there is no adjustment to make normally it is really very simple to reproduce.

All settings are identical to Blender 2.79 I do not understand
truly not...

I guess I'm not the only one working with textures
rectangular, I get the same with all the ways to unpack.

1-Create a plan (rectangular)
2-create a texture 1024x512
3-Edition mode select all
4-Key 'U' project from view


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The UV map is always a space of [0..1,0..1], so even on a 1:2 texture the UV space doesn't change. That being said, Blender does stretch the uv space according to a texture you feed it in the uv editor. Load a 1024:512 texture, and the uv map will be a rectangle.


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Just wondering, did you change the keyboard shortcuts? 'U' command doesn't "Project from View", though it does bring up a menu which "Project from View" is a part of. After selecting, click on the UV Editing tab. The Object or polygon that you have "Projected" is there to do what you wish.

I very rarely use the "Project from View". Why use it on a single polygon?
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Have you tried ?
I promise you it doesn't work!

The rectangle is an example, it can be a more or less complex shape.

Can you unfold an object on a 1024x512 texture?

Here impossible .... the UV will be distorted!

Thank you for your answers, because it is very frustrating as a situation.
@Vitus can you unpack a cube on a texture 1024x512?
@Pyscen Yes when I speak of the 'U' key I mean the menu which gives the possibility of projecting from the view.

Thank you
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Yes. But not straight away. It looks to me as if each primitive comes with it's own built-in uv, and if you simply unwrap for the first time, it's using those default uv coords.

However, if you add a cube and add to it a material with 1:2 texture, switch to edit mode, select a couple of edges in edge mode, right click->Mark Seam, press 'A', then 'U' and click "unwrap" - it works fine.


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Have you tried ?
Yes, Vitus and I have both tried and done so.

I promise you it doesn't work!

Here impossible .... the UV will be distorted!

Could you show us exactly what isn't working? After you are clicking on "Project from View" what does the UV Editing screen look like? I would assume that it looks diagonal (maybe with vertices stretched out) in as above in your picture, which in any unwrapping is not a pleasure to work with. Your best option is to use "Smart UV Project" or as Vitus suggested in marking seams, etc..
Ok Vitus I understand, you have to add the 'rectangle' texture in the material before unpacking the object.

In version 2.79 there was no need to add the material
to work the uv.

Thank you very much I did not understand the logic.

Problem solved !


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So basically, you must manually unwrap the object in this instance?
Yes and no. You won't have to manually move the UVs around on the map, you can instead use the regular 'u'->unwrap options. However in this particular case, this needs to be done AFTER assigning the 1:2 texture to the object. Otherwise the unwrapper will assume a 1:1 texture again.