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Some thoughts on AO rendering

Hey guys, long time since I've actively been able to post anything. Now I've had a terrible feeling of wasting my time today after modelling the engine intake of my JAS39 Gripen project as the whole interior works renders as solid black in blender, making the mesh absolutelly invisible. Now I've had these kinds of comments a number of times, but what can and can't we actually tweak with regerds to the AO settings to get a more real result? I'm googling it as we speak but I thought it might also be interesting for others to think about this since in the end you're mesh might be brilliant but if your textures aren't it still won't look that good...
I wished I could somehow render that intake the way I wanted it to work out... vissible! haha



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AO Maps once created through Blender, you will need to save it out side of Blender and then place in a layer within your Diffuse Map, using a photo editor ( ex. GIMP or Photoshop, etc.). Once you have done this,... change that particular layer from "normal" to "Multiply" mode. You can then adjust it by using the "opacity".

The reason for doing this is because FSX, FSE and/ or P3D do not have an AO Map slot.

Keep in mind though the AO Map may not be needed for your Light Map or better known as your Night Map... so you might want to have 2 different versions of your Diffuse Map: one for starting out your Night Map and another for your Diffuse Map with the AO Map.

Hope this helps....
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