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P3D v5 Something is breaking all my vectors

Anyone know what makes roads and airport backgrounds disappear? I have the problem narrowed down to my vector layer which excludes shorelines and water polygons for the entire United States and I replace my water polys with statewide bgl files. I recompiled exclusions in case that was causing the problem, but no luck. Here is what I use:

{0CBC8FAD-DF73-40A1-AD2B-FE62F8004F6F} Exclude shoreline
{956A42AD-EC8A-41BE-B7CB-C68B5FF1727E} Exclude waterbody
{5835459a-4b8b-41f2-adc1-dee721573b28} Legacy land/water mask, no flatten


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Anyone know what makes roads and airport backgrounds disappear?


1 - Every "3D image" is build up from multiple layers of 2D -flat-objects / faces / lines / vertices
So when 1 (or more) "further-away-from-your-viewpoint-objects" dis-appears, this could be caused by:
- INSIDE the programs (your flightsimulator software) due to 3D model errors . SDK screw-ups and so one...
- OUTSIDE the program that is using your 3D software (DirectX, OpenGL pipeline, videocard_driver) / hardware(GPU-chipset).


For example: Any bug/error inside ANY of the used Z-buffering (depth-calculation) algorithms can cause this to happen:
- https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/z-buffer-depth-buffer-method/
- https://www.researchgate.net/figure...in-the-new-generation-of-cards_fig1_235696712
So in order to solve this challenge, do NOT ONLY focus on your flight-simulator and/or modeling software / installed P3dV5 "SDK", but also learn to look AROUND IT to find the rootcause.

For example: Did you:
- had a (manually . automatically WindowsUpdated) Windows Operating system level DirectX software driver change ?
- had an update to your <insert videocard_brand here> hardware (gpu) driver update ?
Imprecise clipping extents of LOD-9 / QMID-11 quad borders may allow CVX vector Road objects to overlap, thereby excluding each other, even if they are not designated as exclude polygons. CVX vectors of the same type may exclude others when they overlap / intersect.

When loading state-wide data sets, they must still be segmented / clipped into LOD-9 / QMID-11 quad "chunks".

Otherwise the FS rendering engine may "blow chunks". :laughing:

USA State borders do not align with the known- and calculable- MS-FS, N-E-S-W Terrain Grid Quad tile corner ...Geographic coordinates

IIUC, ScenProc may have discrete features to do this semi-automatically from large SHP source files.

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Hi Chris,

Are you sure your excludes are not removing the roads as well by accident?

And are your US wide excludes in the same scenery folder or in another one?