Sound /Audio implementation in a new Flight sim

Hi guys, new guy here on FS-developer :)
I'm reaching out to the people with knowledge in sounds for MSFS-series and in general Flight sims.
It might be no secret that over at: we are trying hard to make a completely new flightsim..

I invite you over to this thread that I started here in the sound forum.

Hopefully to figure out how we can advance to the next level in sound design. if you could share known pitfalls/shortcomings to MSFS sound-engine or other Flight sims we would really like get around those issues from the beginning, and start with a knowledge to not end up with the same issues/errors in our new sim NGFS

Please take a read and register if you would like to participate in the discussion about our discussion with regards to the sound designing.

I will say I'm no expert in the subject, I'm just sharing what I know from my experience with sounds in MSFS, and what I read about on forums and also my passion with "the subject" sounds.

PS I apologize in advance, for the writing on our page, if I don't necessarily have perfect english/grammar as I am not native English speaking.

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Support for other audio formats would be a start.
And as MSFS ist just about the only simulator with an extensive library of add-on sounds, ensure some compatiblity.
The main problem with FS sound engine is that it is "Rigid". Meaning you have the stock engine types and have to live with them. FlightGear instead lets you choose what parameter affects what audio file via a xml file. This approach will be much more flexible and possibly more practical. No need to hard-code sound behavior for engine variations! I have fiddled with FlightGear sound system to simulkate a turboprop engine and I can finally hear the effects of moving the prop RPM levers as it should be... in FS you barely notice the effect...
For me it would be multichannel audio/multiple audio interface support. The ability to have different sound sources going to different audio channels or audio devices can be very useful for cockpit building. Even a very basic one like sending ATC/radio sounds to a headset while engines are coming out of the speakers.

Cockpit builders can extend the concept by having cockpit sounds in a separate smaller speaker as from the engine sounds, which would be driven from a larger speaker/subwoofer.

Surround sound is also a developing audio concept in some high profile studios. Albeit not for surround speakers as much as the new surround headphones.
I can't be bothered signing up for another forum so I will just tell you here the biggest problem with FSX sounds.


Every single airplane in FSX with a constant speed propeller is wrong. Well, except for one that I know of, the Majestic Q400 but I'll get onto that later.

There, I said it.

The sound.cfg combustion entries take in one parameter only, that parameter is GENERAL ENG COMBUSTION SOUND PERCENT which returns from 0 to 100 and as far as I can tell pretty much matches the power being generated by the engine. So the sounds being played are based purely on engine power being generated. For example, you could have 30" and 1800 rpm and this will sound exactly like 26" and 2200 rpm (assuming those settings produce the same power output).

The engine sounds must be based on manifold pressure and engine rpm for them to sound correct and this is impossible to do with the default FSX sound system. And as Mario suggest above, prop pitch would be nice too.

The Majestic Q400, I believe as I don't have the addon myself, uses custom sound coding to produce more realistic sounds which is, coincidentally, something I am working on too for my next aircraft. I have found by using my own code for sounds that I can use MAP and RPM to get the right sounds plus I can avoid a lot of the bugs of the FSX sound system (like losing sounds when switching views for example).
"Anthony31" Fair enough, ;) I respect that some people don't want join other forums.. If you don't join our forum, please
atleast read this:

What I tried to describe in the linked discussion, I started over at our forum.. thanks
PS and as I said I apologize in advance for bad/grammar /english.. in my text

But what we are trying to do is fix whats wrong with today's flightsims "sound/audio-engines".
So please continue your suggestions and I will relay it to our NGFS-website.. :) (with your username's credited ideas).

Excellent, keep the ideas coming, remember this is the first simulator that actually listens to what the community would like implemented.. :) the more ideas the better,
it could be harder to implement them later in the progress than now early in the development.. And what better place to get them from.. than the developers themselves.

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Is there anybody here on FSdeveloper who could take on the task with designing a new sound-engine for NGFS ? Perhaps not the programming part itself?
But specify today's problems/issues and get around them and bring the sound-engine to the next level in quality and realism?
I feel that Vance Dylan from "Sonic solutions" ? he has worked on different platforms of games, and could perhaps be up this task at least the advisory part of it?

Here is what UNIGINE, says about their sound module:
Additional immersion is provided by a multi-channel sound system with support
for various 3D effects, sound occlusion and multiple reverberation zones.

But I don't want to be selective, that's why I started a post here "hoping for a lot" of input on the matter?
Which in my opinion did not really spark that much attention as I had hoped sadly, but it's a good start at least.. And thanks to those who have allready given us hints of what to improve.. We appreciate it :)

kind regards
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Hi, I would just like to thank the people who came up with ideas/experiences :) and we already have your ideas in mind for the new simulator read here: ;) - Look under "Audio Features" tab

Remember it is still not too late to give out ideas, but it would be preferred in the starting phase. Then we can get a good foundation to build on instead of adding those
audio features as a afterthought.. Which when you think about is really not the right way to do it.. :rolleyes:

Please feel free to add to this post more info/ideas suggestions if it crosses your mind. ;)

Kind regards