In the xml I create for my sound in FSX how can I set a time say if I want a sound to play between 6pm and 6 am. I don't know if anyone remembers but there used to be a programme called FSE from Lago that you could do this quite easly as well as placing AI Traffic.



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Can you specify a bit more what you are doing and which xml file you mean?

This is probably not related to the FXEditor tool, in which forum it's posted now.
High Arno, Attached is the xml file I use (I have changed it into a .txt file). I use these xml's to creat smoke from the houses etc; Sorry if I have poseted it in the wrong forum.



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Did you try to add effect parameters to your xml file?
First thing to do, Neil, is to get rid of those flies:).
Then (instead of an xml?) use a controller.fx (pointing to your effect.fx) where you can add the wanted hours of the day, etc. to make your effect show up when you want it to.
Unless I am wrong of course:eek:?
Hi Neil:


Of particular interest might be:

...which demonstrates what "minimum" of code (plain ACSII Text in ex: Windows NotePad) ...may be all that is needed for a sound effect *.Fx file.

To set FS Effect *.Fx display / play parameters for time of day etc,, one must work around a reported 'bug' in FS that requires placing the *.Fx (2) times: see:

You may also wish to explore the threads linked from this Google search: :pushpin:


If you need more assistance, feel free to inquire further. :)

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I have to rectify. The controller file is one thing (attenuation distance) but to play the effect at certain moments in time, then you do need an xml in which month, day, hour etc. are defined.
For instance:
effectName=".................." (either the effect or the controller for the effect)
where the effect will be played every day (because the days are not specified) at 16:00 hours during 60 minutes.
Of course you have to compile the xml into a bgl and put the bgl in the scenery folder of your scenery, the effect in the effects folder and the sound in the sound folder..