Studying FS9 model convert to FSX/P3D model


I started today study how convert older aircraft model to FSX/P3D compatible. My first converted model is Mikko Maliniemi Maule, everything is working pretty well, only the lights dont work and prop disk not get blurry.
I used this very good instructions to make first convert:

What i missed, i seperated prop_slow and prop_blurry models and merged them after edit, but the disk will not show up when engine is full RPM, i still see the blades.

Plane is for my own purposes only, dont have permission to share addon. :)

This screenshot is from Prepar3d v4

Just got lights working fine :) Now the prop is the only issue, disk part is not show up when engine is running.


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Did you set the right visibility conditions and animations?
Ok, i just got all working fine with Maule. Props works perfectly etc, i attached props to all other Maule versions, Taildragger etc, and works well :)