[Suggestion] Additional function regarding object textures

Clean and tidy scenery object libraries with their proper textures should be a goal for every designer. We have a problem with complex libraries here, though. While we can snoop out most errors like missing textures, it is next to impossible to weed out orphaned textures in a /texture/ directory with say 980 texture files. So the problem is not to find what we need, it's rather finding what we don't need.
Here's my proposal: would it be possible to assign an optional function in the "Save" dialog that copies the textures, which are assigned by the models in an archive to be created, from a user-defined source directory into a new user defined target directory? This also could report if there are any textures missing, and maybe even list attached FX file names that are needed for the objects to work (no copying needed for that).
I see that the library creator can write a "used texture list", so the basic function is there already.



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I guess something like that should be possible. I'll put it on the wish list.