FSX Sunset Sun reflection (dx9)

The reflection of the Sun on the sea during sunset is ridiculous.

Steve fixed it for the dx10, but in dx9 it looks like this.
Is there a way to fix it and make it wider at the horizon?
The sun reflection is not always wider, i think it tends to be narrower because of perspective.. Even real life photography makes things almost the same depending what camera lens is in use.. The same FSX, so everything you see is a virtually camera lens, zoom, wide angle etc..

1. And will it bee good to change reflection method on entire sim and what about other object reflection after modification ?
2. FSX is just a little worse than the real life - it is a game. Sorry, simulator..
3. Try X-Plane you will love that environment render..
1. modifications eventually take part only in water shaders. no problem for the other materials.
2. i don't agree. the reflection is absolutely unrealistic and awful.
3. i play fsx :)