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Texture Paint on multiple objects

OK, I have found that I can easily create textures on imported msfs gltf and drawing across different objects - i.e. wings and ailerons - is possible by using the "Join" command. As long as the objects are on the same texture sheet that is.

I have now come across a DAE (Collada) model where fuselage tail cone and doors are on the same texture sheet, but I can't even paint a straight line along the "joined" fuselage. Blender seems only interested in the last object I clicked on. So I can't even do a straight line let alone a stencil over the object joints.

I am only using Blender as an Art Tool, not for making my own 3D models so I may be misunderstanding a lot here.

Perhaps the question should be how do I join multiple elements to make one single paintable "lump"?


Resource contributor
You would need to UV unwrap the aircraft again. Recreate it again so that all islands are on the same UV. That is if I understand you correctly.
My bad - I don't speak the right language I guess... I did not create the model myself. It is the Airbus H135 by HPG - they provide the paintkit with a collada (DAE) model. I can mark doors, tail boom, main body individually but I can't paint them as one item. In an msfs gltf model I can join items. So I need some way of joining thes bits as a collada single entity
AHHHHH!!! Found It!

Save the collada as gltf 2.0 and then go for a new blender model and import the gltf 2.0. That allows joining of objects and now I can paint a livery across the whole model onto one texture