P3D v4 Textures trouble

I encountered a problem while creating my ground poly - shimering. Textures with alpha channel were saved as DDS DXT 5 with mipmaps, those without channel as DXT1 also with mipmaps. I use the nvidia tool for PhotoShop on a daily basis, but when this problem began to occur I tried ImageTool and DxtBMP - still the same. My Ground Poly consists of several textures - base, fresnel, bump and specular. I added them recently, after changing all textures to new ones, I get shimering and quite a significant decrease in FPS. I didn't have this problem before changing textures. If I go down with a plane from GP FPS immediately increase. Maybe someone has an idea? I attach screenshots of the asphalt material and lines.



Resource contributor

Is this shimmering or flickering? Such as going in and out of view? If flickering, it might because of clashing with the original ground mesh. Is their a flatten done on the original ground mesh? Did you go through the GP wizard?
It looks like I have the anti-aliasing set incorrectly - and it is not. If I move the camera, the lines flicker. I used the GP wizard in MCX, set all layers correctly (Base - 16, Dirt - 20, Lines - 22, details - 24)