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P3D v5 TFE - different detection based on sample type?

Do you think different image formats (TIFF and BMP in particular), can produce different results in detection. I am seeing this. I have a 3-band tiff samples which detects water pretty good. Then I placed an identical sample but in the 4-band bmp format into the same TF2 samples. I get no water detection depsite using the exact same step variables. See images. Which begs the question about mixing samples? Again, I have made no changes to the step variables.

If I could make a small suggestion, by adding the sample's filename suffix in the Samples Panel? This way, I can see if I am testing a bmp sample or a tiff sample (especially if they are identical samples), rather than going off memory, which is not working with the number of tests I am conducting. One other question, why would the icon step NDWI water (And the veg version), show a NIR Channel number if the sample is a 3-Band RGB? Should it not be blank or something? Just tryin' to understand TFE as best I can.

Here, tiff detection is good:

NDWI TIFF sample detection good-sm.jpg

Same tiff sample with merge in preview:

NDWI TIFF sample detection good with image merge-sm.jpg

Now I try a 4-band BMP, On same step there is no water detection:

NDWI BMP sample no detection.jpg

Here is the same bmp sample with an image merge:

NDWI BMP sample no detection with merge-sm.jpg
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You should not mix 3 and 4 band samples, as they will give different results. In the 3 band sample the 4th channel will be fully white and that will give different results from an image that has actual data in the 4th band. The NDWI step assumes there is a 4th band with actual NIR data. If some samples don't have that you won't get good results.

I have added the extension to the sample image names already, it will be in the next update.