This annoying ferry terminal...

I have banged my head for a while now, trying to remove a default ferry terminal from the harbour in the town that I am making a scenery for. There are no ferries going here, it is totally ugly and does not belong here. I can't find any working solution in the forums - ADE exclusion rectangle does not remove it, exclusion poly does not remove it.

Does anyone have some advice on how to remove/exclude it?

This thing in the foreground...
I am using InstantScenery3. Payware, but very fine. You can locate the object scenery/library and easily move or remove it.

Otavio Bonomi

Resource contributor
Hi Christian,
I will suppose an idea...
Try to make ADE small Poly for everything, right on ferry terminal, but the area will be an ugly mark where it is water and earth,
try to cover all with photoreal, includes all this nearby water and coast to cover as a carpet.
If you already have photoreal, only check if the poly has not been deformed the area.
Maybe it works.
I wish you luck.