FS2004 Time of year condition

Hi Arno,

I'm converting some objects from FSX to FS9. Unfortunately when I change something with MDLTweaker the material gets corrupted. So I'm trying to avoid the mdltweaker and solve the problem in asm.

I try to make a simple seasonal texturing. I have tried this:

_MCX_temp_top label BGLCODE
texture_riff_start__MCX_temp label word
db 'T','E','X','T'
dd texture_riff_end__MCX_temp - $ - 4

IFIN1 notnight, 38Ah, 77, 355
TEXTURE_DEF TEXTURE_BUILDING , <255,255,255,252>, 4.344443, "LHS_VOLGRASS01.BMP" ; 0
BGL_JUMP_32 skipfromnight
notnight label BGLCODE
TEXTURE_DEF TEXTURE_BUILDING , <255,255,255,252>, 4.344443, "LHS_VOLGRASS01_WI.BMP" ; 0
skipfromnight label BGLCODE

texture_riff_end__MCX_temp label word
Unfortunately no success.

Can you tell me how mdl tweaker does the tweaking? Maybe not on the material definition section?

Thanks a lot!