FSXA Tool box would not show up

I have been having problems with getting my tools menu to show up in my in flight screen menu. Finally I decided to research possible problems. By using the ADE check, I found out my SDK version did not match my FSX version.
Since I had installed the SDK along time ago, I decided to redo it.
I know that the troubleshooting guide says the SDK in on the acceleration disk. But I though that, like for FSX, I had to install the SDK from the FSX then Acceleration. Went thru "repair" of SDK form FSX disk, then I put in the Acceleration disk. This is wen I found out that this is the only SDK I need to install.
It told me it was going to remove any other version of SDK and install the one on Acceleration disk. Since I don't remember this from before, I have to assume that I did not install the Acceleration disk SDK the first time around.

After the installation was complete, I opened up my FSX and "VOILA" my tools menu is there.