FSXA Trigger attachment

Is there or will there be a trigger one can put at the head of a gateway that looks for the exit point on aircraft?

This way when the plane enters the parking area, the gate's animation will activate and seek the correct position of the door on each plane- since (as example) the door for one plane might be right behind the cockpit; another plane the door might be much farther back, perhaps closer to the wing.
I don't think there is a provision in CAT to 'see' the exit point in the aircraft cfg file.
I was trying to see if FSDS had this ability somewhere in order to do so thereby not using CAT in this case. ............. especially since CAT tweaked objects will not work n P3D.
I'll look into it. Ich haabe ein krank kopf! hahaha! I know that is the wrong way to say it but hope yo get the idea. I'll look into sode again.