trigger Gyro sound

I'm trying to implement a more realistic gyro sound for my project. I want to be able to turn it on or off when flipping the battery switch. Do you know of any FSX/P3D native XML event that can do that? My second options of course is to use Doug Dawson's XML Sound module but again I don't know much about how to have the sound loop in a constant pitch whatever I tried I always hear the start of the loop section. Hope someone can point me into the right direction.


Resource contributor
You could consider breaking the sound file into two portions.
Just before the startup portion ends, start the portion you want to loop.
If they are in phase, or nearly so, it might be hard to tell that they are both playing for the short period of time when that occurs, particularly if you reduce the volume on the first sound.
If you wait until the startup sound finishes before you start the loop sound, you will probably notice the break.
Hi Doug,
First thank you for your constant update on such wonderful gauge. I honestly have to admit that I don't understand the nitty gritties of the FS sound system. I have reach a long end by using your sound module though.
I want to follow your advice and give it a try, but somewhere replaying it in my head I still don't see why I should not hear the loop. But I was just searching the web when I found this thread about the new version of the gauge and it seems like it can do just what Im looking after by using pitch:
I'm eager to try it out at soon I reach back home maybe in the meanwhile you want to shed more light on how your pitch [Frequency_Variables] parameter should be use for a long constant tone loop wav?