Tutorial making effects

I have been struggling with making effects for Prepar3Dv4 for about 1 year now. I opened effects with FXEditor and changed one or more properties to see how this might influence the appearance of the effect. This trial and error approach has resulted in some effects that I use in my sceneries, but I don't really understand which setting was responsable for which result.

As I am concentrating on making lighthouses I need to understand how to make the lightcharacter of the particular lighthouse. This might be solid, occulting, flashing , in several colors (red, white, green), visible in sectors, and so on. Is there anyone how can point me to a tutorial how to make the effects that show these lighthouse light characteristics.

Many thanks in advance


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Hi Jan,

I have moved your question to the general special effects forum, as I think you will get an answer there more quickly. I'm not an big expert on the FX files myself unfortunately.