Understanding FSX coordinates

Hello everyone,

I just got done making a flight plan and certain waypoints does not exist in FSX. When I open the PLN file which has all the waypoints for the flight plan, I wanted to know what system FSX uses for coordinates?

Example-1 from FSX
N34° 32' 18.90", E136° 57' 49.40

Example-2 from a actual flight plan or using Jeppesen flight planner.
N34° 32.3
', E136° 57.8'

Therefore, if the PLN file didn't have FLUTE and I wanted to input that information into the file, how would I change the coordinates information from example-2 to show it as example-1?


dave hoeffgen

Resource contributor
the PLN file is actually an xml where the coordinates are stored and can be edited.
I'm not sure how it will turn out if the coordinates of a waypoint in the PLN file don't match the ones in the scenery database but I'm curious myself.
Could you tell us when you tried it?

BTW FSXPlanner is not the FSX inbuilt flight planner but a developer tool to create airports.
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