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FS2004 unhandled exception when starting

Hi Don,
I have just d/l'd the current TS Pro. When starting the pgm, I get the error "... could not load ... simconnect.dll..." .
I see this had been reported and fixed in the original TS. Is this supposed to be OK in TS Pro and therefore the problem on my side?
I have tried to ignore the issue and press on but I think I am wasting my time doing so.
I have the latest FSUIPC (registered) and run under Win7.


Resource contributor
Philippe, without knowing which version of TS Pro you are using, I can't comment. The latest version is 0.1.04 and is available as the Development Release on my website.

I just had a quick look for the previous report you mentioned but didn't to find it. Please send me a link. If you are using the latest release, perhaps there's some info in the earlier thread that will help me. If you are not using the latest release, please give it a try.

Also, perhaps this is related to your use of Win 7. TS Pro uses NET Framework 4.5; I recall seeing earlier reports that the two are not compatible.



Resource contributor
I checked that thread (I didn't go back that far yesterday) and the "fix" for that issue is included in 0.1.04. So that's not the issue.

As noted in that thread, TS Pro gives preference to FSUIPC and only attempts to use SimConnect when its attempt to connect using FSUIPC is not successful. Since the error message indicates TS Pro couldn't connect with Simconnect, that means that attempts to connect vs FSUIPC failed.

I'm travelling at the moment and unable to do any testing. I'll be back home in a couple of weeks. If you are still experiencing the issue then, please re-post and I'll see if I can isolate the issue. However, I suspect it is tied to your use of Win7.

My system shows NetFramework 4.7.2 is installed, whatever that implies... I am also travelling for the next 2 weeks, so this is all on hold.


Resource contributor
NET Framework 4.n was release well after WIn 7 was the current OS. I wonder if all the NET 4.5 functions are still compatible with Win 7.