Update All Models

Hi Arno,

Well - I'm using your fantastic Library Creator all the time now - it's a fantastic little tool... I'm using what I believe is you latest beta and I haven't had any problems with it... Works every time...

One additional feature would be nice - I find myself updating a large number of models in a given library quite often while creating them... You already have the feature to "Replace MDL" which is extremely useful - as it even remembers the last directory the model was obtained from... Would it be possible to add another button called something like "Update All" which "refreshes" all the models in a given library from their original source ? That way any and all updated models will be included in the new library in a single click ?

Just a suggestion - so take it for what it's worth...




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Hi Scott,

I don't think such a button is needed. If you saved your updated mdl files with the same name and in the same folder, no update action is needed. Just open the XML again, compile to bgl and you will have a new library with the latest models.
Hi Mark,

Yeah - I've been using it as Arno described since - it works like a champ and is very quick... Overwrite any "x.mdl" file with your changes - open the Library Creator - select a previously worked library from the drop down that the model is in - hit save - and - you're done... Simply brilliant... I find myself constantly updating models with improvements - and - this makes it so quick and easy...