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FSXA user variables in CAT

What would I type in to use the parking brake to activate a gate?

What I am trying to do is have a gate activate its animation when the user sets his parking brake AND his plane is within a bounding box or distance from the plane is met.

This way if I have any more gates setting the parking brake will not activate ALL the gates!

I could do this with bounding box AND radio freq, but I am having trouble understanding the tutorial how to do this.

I try to set a condition of nav2 and 1200h min and max then et an additional condition fo bounding box OR perhaps distance from ref point.

All compiles right but no animation is happening when I am next to the gate.

I really would like to know what the code is for parking brake in CAT.... AND how to properly set it so when I am inside the bounding box (or distance) AD radio freq (or park brake) ae both met then the animation starts. Thanx, Bob
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There is no default user variable to read the state of the parking brake. It's something that I added with the FS2004 ActiGate module. But for FSX that module doesn't work anymore.
Even though we are doing makemdl? and CA? BTW-- How can I do my radio freq AND bounding box? First page I add my radio then second condition I choose bounding box but then another page pops up and says I have to enter numbers? (would distance to ref point --- to my plane I assume) be better to use than bounding box? This is to activate a gate to move up to the plane.

Isn't there a way to trigger the gate using engine shut down?
Actigate doesn't work anymore?


ActiGate only works for FS2004, in FSX a module can't write to the user variables anymore.

There are no default variables the scenery can use about engine state either.

For FSX it is better to use the IK Jetways, although they are harder to build. They can be triggered with Ctrl-J like any jetway. Or check what SODE has to offer.

It's really a long time ago I made and worked with CAT, so I don't even remember what's on the first and second page. I think you would need a trigger for the frequency and a bounding box. The secondary condition you can disable then,
Very well... I thought maybe there was a trick somewhere. ;)
SODE on my machine would not load then next it would load. Others had this happen as well.
So I guess I can do a radio then go do a bounding box and both will be effective?

First page has condition and also second condition if you want. I thought that is where I would do the magic. Maybe just the radio there and then trigger animation page do bounding box there and compile.
Oh..... The plane is of course facing perpendicular to the direction of the part of the gate that comes out. Is... 'length' along the gate motion? and width left and right of the gate? My friend and I were having trouble figuring out where that box will be to trigger the animation.

Wish there were a way to 'see' the box like we can with fuel triggers when w configure the FSX.cfg to show them.

I've used CAT many times before but it has been a while. Bob
jyarddog do you like to anim a Jetway in FSXA ?
SODE works fine for me - it has made me some trickydicky with the script but now it works fine for us.

What do you like to have? Gate or what?

In the fsx.cfg you can set an entry that you see the triggers if the triggers is a box.

For FSX it is better to use the IK Jetways, although they are harder to build. They can be triggered with Ctrl-J like any jetway. Or check what SODE has to offer.

Hello Arno, I have try the IK Jteways Tutorial but have never had luck with this. Its too much work and no luck that it work.
SODE is the best solution.
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Bambi- Great to see you again! I am trying to help my friend in Sweden.... fine guy, to get his gates working. One is labelled Gate 12, another gate 13 etc. Right now he has a bounding box made with CAT. I helped him o that. He's done a fine job.
His plane rolls up to the parking spot and a few seconds later the gate rolls out. So far so good.

The problem is when his plane does push back, the gate is still up against the plane.... until he exits the bounding box, of course, the gate retracts.
What I'd like to do is have his plane enter the bounding box AND tune to a radio frequency THEN the gate opens. Tune off the frequency and the gate retracts BEFORE he does push back.

Having both conditions ensures that ONLY gate 12 opens and not every other gate down the line opens as well!!!!!

Or he could have just the radio frequency to trigger the gate.... but then he would have to have a different radio freq for each subsequent gate as well, which is not a bad idea either.

I just can't remember when to enter everything in CAT so that BOTH conditions are met.... radio AND bounding box.

I do see distance to ref - maybe that would be easier to do than bounding box. Bob
Hm Bob :wave:,

it is maybe better you use for every Jetway his own Radiofrequency - on Frequency the JW comes - off Frequency the JW goes.
Yes- different freq for each gate. Make a list in the readme file or manual listing what freq for what gate. If the user complains he can't operate the gate.... well.... he didn't read the instructions!!!

Try as one might.... ya can't fix stupid. hahaha. That is almost like .... try to make something fool-proof.......... the world just invents a smarter fool! hahaha.

BTW- trying to relearn my German..... always same trouble.... learn how to conjugate verbs correctly and also..... der, die, oder das! ;)