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Using SODE to trigger an attached effect

Hi all. I am looking for an example (or how to..) trigger an effect with SODE. I have successfully use SODE to open/close hanger doors with:
<!-- Triggerable Animation and Visibility user induced -->
<SimObject Name="H1_Front">
<Placement Lat="55.74250" Lon="-2.3626" Alt="0#AGL" Hdg="225"/>
<Model SimTitle="H1_Ordinance_Front">
<!-- <TriggerableVisibility Input="TextMenu" Action="Show,Hide" VisibleOnLoad="Yes"/> -->
<TriggerableAnimation Input="TextMenu" Action="Open,Close" StartKF="0" EndKF="100" Duration="4">
<Sound FileName="SFX_SirenLoop.wav" Loop="Yes" MinDistance="20" MaxDistance="800"/>

I have now added a red flashing light modelpart (containing the light effect) to the model. At present, though the hanger doors open/close by user control, the red light constantly flashes (would like to flash as a warning only when the door animation is active).
How would I code the (currently commented out) TriggerableVisibility line to trigger the effect? Can it be done? Would an additional <Simobject>... </SimObject> be required with the modelpart as a separate model?
Any pointers would be appreciated.
Added the following and now I have a Warning Light effect that can be turned on/off via the user interface. BUT, does anyone know how to trigger the effect when the animation is invoked by the user?
<!-- Triggerable Visibility user induced -->
<SimObject Name="Hanger_Warning_Light">
<Placement Lat="55.74089" Lon="-2.36090" Alt="33.871#AGL" Hdg="357.559"/>
<Model SimTitle="Warning_Light">
<TriggerableVisibility Input="TextMenu" Action="Turn On,Turn Off" VisibleOnLoad="No" IgnoreRadiusFilter="Yes"/>