FSX Using TrafficDatabaseBuilder SDK

I am trying to add generic traffic to a custom airport I made. I know there are other tools, but I have spent so much time trying to get the SDK to work, that I just want to finish this method ONE time. My current problem is that whenever I run the trafficdatabasebuilder.exe file, it won't execute with any parameters other than /output. I am trying to pass a custom /airport list (one airport created and cut from the sdk dump utility into its own file) and the default /aircrafttype csv file. It seems simple enough, but the program fails with anything but the output parameter. I tried using just the default files, copying the command line letter-for-letter from the SDK manual, but it just won't execute. Any suggestions?

And, yes, My SDK is installed properly as I have all the tools available from within FSX, plus simconnect displays that the tools are loading properly.
I have resolved this issue myself and post the answer here in case anyone else ever has this issue...

Basically, the Traffic Toolkit Documentation is (partially) incorrect. In the "Traffic Toolbox.html" document and on the Microsoft web page, there are examples of using the TrafficDatabaseBuilder.EXE command line. To generate auto traffic, the example says to type this:

TrafficDatabaseBuilder /Airports=fs10.Airports.dat /AircraftTypes=fs10.AircraftTypes.csv /Output=traffic.bgl

However, this does not work and returns the usage info for the command instead. Within the usage info displayed, there is a criteria that states that if the /Airports parameter is used, then the /AircraftTypes AND /Countries parameters must also be used. This is in conflict with the documentation, however, including the /countries parameter along with the included countries_regions.csv file does produce the proper results.