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MSFS Utility to Manage Folder Structures

I wrote a little utility in C# to auto-create the folder structures that FS2020 requires, it might help people not make mistakes in editing the structure manually. I don't know about you guys, but I didn't like that process, this tool gets it right every time, and it makes it a lot easier to name things.

I am also adding an automated project backup for when the FS 2020 SDK crashes and to have multiple revisions when working on airports (async file copy that can have dirs setup to auto-copy on a timer), maybe a texture tracker to help organize exports. I know there a gazillion utils for the backups, but most of them are bloatware.

I'll release it soon, so busy modeling right now. It already works fine, but have not added backups yet. I am using it constantly and it does make things easier to manage.

I'll release it for free, if anyone has any other ideas or features that are simple enough, I may add them before releasing it.

Someone may make a better one eventually, but this works for now.
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Good intention !
I hope that we will be able to use it soon because if it makes it easier to manage the creation of a project it is an undeniable plus.
I want to make sure I have it correct, I am double checking. I'm having issues getting some models in, but I don't think it's related to my tool (looks like my issues are geometry). Still, giving it a week or two to get my bearings, I'll have a release within 2 weeks at the latest.
I can certainly release it as an Alpha (edit - sidetracked need a couple more days). Note though no backup functionality and no extended functionality that I'm planning will be ready. It will create the project structures though. I'll post it here in a bit.

update: I'll have an update soon, just trying to ensure the minimal feature set for the first alpha is not missing something that may be needed.
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this would be wonderful to have, Its such a strugle. I really hoped that the new SDK would be more intuitive than the old one. But this SDK is as bad in terms of intuition as the old SDK. Why do they do things so complicated. I dont wanna study folderstructure just to be able to place some buildings or scenery items. Thanks already for that great tool.
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Finalized Screenshots Below and Information

Backup Features

Automated Backups with Automatic Timestamping
Archiving of Projects with just a couple Clicks
Manual Backup with just a couple Clicks (also automatically Timestamped)
Quick Copy Feature to make Repetitive Copy Operations simpler

General Features
Change projects from a Single easy Combobox (Virtually Mapped to real directories)
Automatic Recursive Detection and Virtual Mapping of ALL Projects, you can organize projects into deep sub-directories if you want
Auto-detection of Textures with image information (shows both image size and file size of textures in a project)
Create Project and Package Structures with one click
Add Model Directories to Existing Projects
Rename the Packages

Things not Implemented in this Version
(both features planned for future version)
Supporting of Multiple packages per project (the program will only see the first package for now, but it won't "hurt" it if you have multiple packages)
Ability to create other project structures (airplanes, simobjects) ---
Importing of Shape and Exclusion files
Advanced Validation to check for Various Issues
Compiler Helper (maybe eventually)


The Project Creation Screen

Add Models to an Existing Project / Manage Projects, View Texture Information, etc...

The Quick Copy Utility

Automated Backups

Quick Manual Backup Job / Export with Auto-Timestamp
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[Feature Request]
I know you haven't finished your project yet and I really appreciate your work there, this is one of the first things I thought it was needed and now I see finally arriving.
One thing to me could be really helpful tho.
When gathering textures around the web, most of times they are multiples of 8, but many other times they are not.
Is that any chance that you can add an "Auto Resize" button, which resizes the actual textures to the closest for excess multiple of 8 size? This would really help batch correcting image sizes, maybe not on UVs but on single material textures at least