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MSFS Variable prefix types

As I am waiting for the latest update to download I thought I'd ask if anyone knew about the various XML variable prefix types.

L: is, of course, the good old familiar Local variables
M: for mouse variables
K: for writing to events
A: for simulation variables

O: appears to be a very local variable particular to each component in a model (see my earlier post about how to create mouse zones: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/heres-how-to-write-you-own-modelbehavior-code.451037/). I guess the correct terms would be to call O: vars local variables and L: vars global variables.

H: this is something I've seen in OneStore\fs-base-aircraft-common\ModelBehaviorDefs\Asobo\Misc\Clock.xml. It appears that you write to the H: variable and then you can read it in a onInteractionEvent(_args) function in your js. In this case it is the M803 clock js which uses this to check if a button has been pressed in the 3D model. This is something I'd like to test but I can't because MSFS needs to download 21GB of data RIGHT NOW.

Anyone want to add to this list (or know if it's in the SDK docs, I couldn't find it)?
Screenshot 2021-02-13 151549.png

old but still useful ;)
I guess I forgot about all those old var types.

I did some searching by loading all the model behavior files into Notepad++ and searching for all files.

I found one other new type.

H: (used in html interactions) and O: (local component variables defined by the developer) I mentioned in my original post but I've also found:

I: Looks to be another developer variable. Not really sure what it does or how it's different from O: or L:. It is used in Common\Instrument.xml as (I:XMLVAR_Hours_Delta), Common\Pressurization.xml as (I:XMLVAR_Deploy) and (I:XMLVAR_MICRO_MASK_cover) as well as various other xml files doing all sorts data storage stuff.

So, we have the ones listed by 614NLV which are carried over from FSX and three new ones in MSFS, H: O: and I:
I: Looks to be another developer variable.

That could be an INPUT variables. They seems to be used in the SPB's for visual-fx (which I think does not work yet).

There are various of those types described in the propdefs (but still not sure how to decode them).
One of the default values seems to describe it as a GUID + value.