Vehicles disappearing after'sleep'

Trying some small airport vehicles with AIBTC with some success, but I've found that after they 'sleep' for more than 2 or 3 minutes they then vanish, both from the scenery and also from traffic explorer(drop off the list). Re appearing at the next start time. What causes this and is there a way just to keep the object stationary instead. I did once notice this happening in a commercial addon with some sailing boats but never found the answer.
Thanks for any pointers.
I've tried too, I think must be the "flight plan". I get one which not desappear, this tools for fsx are very tricky, so must be trial and error method :(, one tip when doing the "route make the point before to his stop point very near to the las point, as you can seen the vehicle behave like the ships and when start from the point the vehicle will go backward all the way long till that second point, (I hope you could understand, in spite of this broken english), but I think is a good way to make traffic in the airports :cool:
Was thinking about this the other day of putting ground vehicles at an airport using AIBTC.
Does it work ok and would you use the same method as a ship ?

You can do four different things:
- If you mean by ground vehicles fuel trucks and so forth, you can add vehicle paths with ADE;
- if you do not care what kind of vehicles race by, you can make freeway traffic and if you are using photoreal scenery you will not see the ugly default roads);
- you could make a fake overlay airport for vehicles only, with parking spots etc and have the vehicles follow a taxi track on or around the airport. The vehicles would be real AI so you would have to make a flightplan as well. You would have to add a runway where they would take off but that you can prevent that by reducing the engine thrust of the vehicle so that it stops at the hold short in front of the runway (you could make a building on top of the runway to hide it);
- and finally you can use AIBTC to add your own vehicles (sim.cfg ones) and that works exactly the same as with ships. Maybe it will be necessary to flatten the grond a bit because otherwise the vehicles will have a rather bumpy ride.
Cheers Robystar,,have used the third option many times but it does make a mess of things.
Going to try the AIBTC method to me sounds the best and easiest way.

Vanishing vehicles strikes again.

Has any one had success with vehicles and AIBTC ?

I made a very straight forward route in AFCAD a long a runway edge with start location then a normal node finishing with a hold short and a normal node next to it on the green apron route.

Convert with make track to KML opened in Google and save to places.

Then export as 1600 and then rename Routes_???? to match Plan & Boat.

Compile with AIBTC and stick it in S/W/S.

Go to location and there is the vehicle.

Departure time arrives and it just vanishes.....:confused:

Here is a copy of the plan,if you see any errors help is appreciated.


I think G-HD has said it twice:It is probably caused by an error in the flightplan.
Mind you, I have had the same problem and each time it turned out to be a problem caused by the flightplan.
Do not stare yourself blind on that issue because other factors could be involved like, when the ground is not flat, it takes more time for the vehicle to overcome the obstacles and everytime there is an obstacle it slows down or even stops and has to accelerate again to regain its predefined 'cruise speed'.And nodes make it slow down as well thereby increasing by much the time it takes to reach its destination.
I think I did:)!
I adapted the speed in the boats_...txt, i.e. I lowered it to 15 mph and now the car remains visible all the time.
Be warned though that this is just one vehicle I managed to get right, one with a 1hr repeat period and a 6 minute track.
I have a feeling that the speed mentioned in the boats_....txt is an average speed that should more or less coincide with the time it takes for the vehicle to do the track in FSX. And that is dependent on the number of nodes and distance between them as they slow down before and speed up after reaching a node. The acceleration is mentioned in the sim.cfg and the speed should be a lot more in the cfg than in the boats_...txt (I noticed that the speed of the vehicle is dependent on the speed in the sim.cfg and not the 5-25 mph of the boats_...txt).
Would somebody please confirm it works for him/her as well?