P3D v4 Weapons

I switched to P3D from FSX SE a couple months ago. However, one of the things I was interested in was the combat capability in aircraft such as Vertical Reality Simulations' Tac Pack. Unfortunately, before researching the addon for P3D Professional, I bought the F18 and Tac Pack products not realizing that Tac Pack won't work with my version of the simulator - and that it only works in P3D Academic Edition. I did some further research into alternatives, but it seems like VRS is the only one. I checked out the P3D manual and saw that they have a section on the SDK, which has a weapon creation section. What software would I need aside from the SDK to make custom Air to Air and Air to Ground Weapons for the default aircraft? Any help you can provide is appreciated.

Kevin Davis
The built-in weapons system in p3d only works in the professional plus version, not academic or standard professional versions.