P3D v4 What does this mean

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
The error message indicates that at least one FX file has an incorrect value. The picture shows that the first value "0.600000xxx" is greater than the second value "0.050000000000xxx".
Maybe a minor typo?


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...and it indirectly demonstrates that all stored effects are read once, at launch.

If you don't know which effect is incorrectly written, you can try checking modification dates and isolating suspects. If that doesn't work, you can arbitrarily divide your effects into a folder the sim does not recognize, using a scheme, alphabet, for example, until you find the culprit.

Once located, the error will be in the minimum/maximum value for a condition. For example, you may have an emitter delay of .6 and .05. This will throw an error, because .6, as a minimum value, is greater than .05, the maximum value, which is a mathematical impossibility. If you use the in game FX editor, it does not allow you to save un executable values, however, if you manually write effects into the effect folder, the warning message is your only protection.
The sim will still run and it will still load the effect, however, it ignores the erroneous condition and informs you of this state with the error message.
ah... so it perhaps is an effect someone sent me that I recently put in! Thank yo both! will report back when I find it.
As promised...checking back. found the culprit. I was an effect a friend sent along with his new scenery. Very well done but one of the effects he sent was one he modified I believe. took that out and P3D 4 is now very happy.


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You can open the effect file in Notepad, copy/paste it here and we can fix it for you (and others).
rk- I dumped it already. I'll keep this in mine. Maybe I can ask him to resend. then I could pull that file out and send it here, but I'd like to see how yo do this... for my own learning. BTW- Does anyone know anything about FSDS Tweak? I've had a problem with it for ages and cannot correct it. The fellow who developed this will not answer any emails!