FSX What files for previews?

I'd like to get the ObPlacer XML previews working. It says in the manual:

"To make use of the dynamic preview of the GenericBuilding objects, you will need to install the latest
version of the graphical DLL files by Martin Wright as well. Without these files the dynamic preview will
be disabled (but the rest of the tool is still working). You can get these DLL files from his homepage."

I downloaded mwgfxdll.exe and ran it. Is that what I'm supposed to do? The program seems to install a bunch of .dll files to the Windows\System32 directory.

Now what? I still don't see any previews when I run ObPlacer XML.


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That should be enough.

As the texture says the preview is for generic buildings. So you need to add a generic building to your XML file. Then you will see the preview while you change textures, width, height, etc.