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What Plugin do you use to get this.

Hi Randy:

That type of 2D image is the result of a special method of "light-mapping", usually with a built-in "Rendering" feature or by means of a plugin that reads / exports the 3D model to an external rendering application.

They are often referred to as a "Alpha" or a "Clay" render.

The 'sky light' shadowing derived from "Global Illumination" by ambient light in the surrounding environment is often sufficient to show object details, although another "artificial" graphical method is also often added to create greater definition of shadowed areas via a method called "Ambient (light) Occlusion" (aka "AO").

Sketchup can produce an image 'somewhat' comparable by use of a plugin that works directly inside the Sketchup rendering engine, and better results are derived from use of an external rendering application.

However, be aware that the current work-space display rendering engine of Sketchup is (purposely ?) limited to accommodate the most frequently used 3D modeling activities that Sketchup was originally designed and intended to enable.

Some external rendering plugins "overlay" the Sketchup work-space with a separate window to create the 'illusion' of rendering directly with the Sketchup work-space, but are actually working external to Sketchup, and AFAIK, in all cases, the resulting exported 2D texture image must be manully imported and mapped onto the Sketchup 3D model afterwards.

You may wish to explore your options with the (very) few free plugins and external rendering applications.

An inexpensive task-specific rendering application with features limited to creating such images for Sketchup is here:


If you would like some some links to additional options for such exported 2D image types, feel free to inquire further. :)

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