FSX Whats ASM Tweaking & SCASM

Hi Friends,
I need to know What is ASM Tweaking & SCASM, I am not from a programming background hence if you find of any tutorial on the same then it will be highly appreciated.
Is SCASM for FS2002, will it work in FSX.
I am developing a custom airport for FSX and need to add the following to it
1) An aircraft Hangar with opening and Closing doors based on NAV Radio frequency
2) Taxi lights that will turn on and off based on NAV Radio frequency, to prevent Runway Incursions at the airport.
3) Airport Announcements that will play a sound at a pre defined time.

Will ASM Tweaking & SCASM help me achieve this



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See my reply in your other thread that is very similar:


SCASM is a compiler to make bgl files from source code. SCASM is not for one FS version only, but it can not make fsx or fs2004 mdl objects. It can make fs2002 style object code and also fs2004 style terrain scenery. What it makes exactly depends on the code you write for it.