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FS2004 Where's my files said Waldo????

:confused:Here 's a riddle for ya. You pay for this program. You download, install the initial program, and you're finally ready to link AG and FS together. You follow step by step directions to go into fs settings/scenery addon/ add area but when the scenery file opens in a window, all there is is an empty folder. No specific 11 .bgl airport files to be found. Puzzled, you search from one end of the hard drive to the other to find these files. Again, none to be found. So you figure, maybe you missed something and reinstall the AG program again. right after you put in your registration code again for the 2nd time, it asks you to confirm where the file are to be placed. You hit the brouse button to double check prospective location and low & behold, there are the program files where they are supposed to be. I cancel the reinstallation efforts and look for the files once again. You guessed it, they're not there!

Now here's the riddle...Where in the heck are they??????? What needs to be done now?:eek:
Do you mean you look within FS? The Scenery Library will only show folders, not files, as only folders can be activated.
If you want to see the files you need to do so in the explorer window OUTSIDE of FS.

You will not see a single .bgl file within the FS Scenery Library. You dont ADD individual bgl files, you add the folder that FS will look to when loading the bgl files.

If you installed to the default location,
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X
(Note: Link may only work on Internet Explorer if at all)

then in the MSFX main folder, you need to open ADDON SCENERY folder and look in there. By default, no items will be in that folder. Anything there is what you or the installer added.
As for the files associated with AG, I do not know where they are installed to, but am assuming they are sent to the ADDON scenery folder. If that is the case, you simply need to activate it within FSX Scenery Library. Add the area, navigate to the folder, you wont see any files, click in the middle of the folder window (FSX has a weird glitch with this) to finalize it. Select ok, and it should be active in FS.

If after trying the above it doesnt work or you can not find the files in the EXPLORER, then make a comment here and we will help you find out what is going on. There are enough brains here to change a light-bulb, and thats a physical task. Almost every piece of software available through this forum is created and maintained by currently active members. So you are in a good place.
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