FSXA Whisplacer cannot find Java?

Hi everybody,

just wanted to start Whisplacer after a while, but surprisingly it starts with the message "Java not found - Do you want to install?"

But I have installed Java both, 32 bit and 64 bit. So my question is how to tell / show (path?) Whisplacer where to find Java to work properly. Some months ago, it worked fine.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Manfred,
I use Win7 and Whisplacer Ver 0.9 and have no problems to open. Sorry, but is JAVA correctly installed?
In Win 10 I haven't installed Whisplacer so I can't try.
Maybe a new installation of whisplacer could help.
Thank you for reply, Christian. Indeed, I still use Win7 as well, best option currently to my opinion.
Guys, that's strange but I also found a executable file called "Whisplacer.jar". Using that instead, WP starts properly. So, satisfaction but maybe someone can tell us what the differences are....

Apropos, I think Wisplacer doesn't need to be installed, even the unpacked files should work normally.....
Instant scenery should be the better choice to place objects - but mostly I work with ADE which do the job.
I prefere to arrange as most as possible objects in one Gmax scene.
WP is fine to place small similar objects which are placed in a big area (for example HAS shelter). A Gmax scene with about 2000 square metres has a lot of disadvantages...