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FSXA Why doesn't this string work?

Hi guys, since converting local time to UTC taxes my brain somewhat I devised a gauge in FS9 to tell me the current metar cycle based on sim time. Now I'm trying to use it in FSX and while the actual readout seems to work fine, the tooltip doesn't work anymore (which I added because the actual readout was too small to read with the screen minimized).

<tooltip>Current Metar Cycle: NOAA_%((P:Zulu Month Of Year,number))%!02d!%((P:Zulu Day Of Month,number))%!02d!%((P:Zulu Year,year) 1000 % flr)%!02d!_%((P:Zulu Time,hour) flr)%!02d!Z</tooltip>

No tooltip at all, is <tooltip></tooltip> broken in FSX or something? (No, that can't be, I have other gauges that use it) I'm stumped. Not really looking to become an expert gauge programmer, I'd just like to be able to figure out which metar to download if you know what I mean :) .



Resource contributor
I can't spot anything incorrect in the string, but I do note that every example gauge I've checked has the first letter capitalized:

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Heh, that apparently did the trick, the tooltip works now. I didn't know this stuff was case sensitive, I'll be dipped...

Thanks a lot Bill! :)



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No problem! Oh my yes, XML is critically case-sensitive...

I once spent nearly a week tracking down one single uncapitalized token in a 3,000+ line XML script!

That was the week I decided to start using my Visual Studio platform to write/edit XML scripts, since it will visually display such errors for me... ;)
Must be something new in FSX then because it worked fine in FS9?

I usually find my errors by opening the script in internet explorer, but IE of course doesn't care whether that was capitalized or not.

In case you were wondering why I need this, I set up this Metar Archive a couple years back to save "historical weather" for use in FSMetar (which still works well even today in FSX). The gauge tells me which metar to download :) .


thanks again Bill, I knew you'd have the answer.