FSX Windows7 Problem Saving Mission File


I changed to WINDOWS 7 and everything is working okay except when I try to save a mission file everything is messed up.

Here's the situation. I open the mission file in the object placement tool in FSX (WINDOWS 7). I added some objects and mission elements. However when I save the file and then restart the mission I built, the mission doesn't appear.

I suspect that this has to do with the security settings in WINDOWS 7 since I am doing everything the same way I did in Windows XP.

anyone can help?

thanx in advance
First question - does this occur when you simply open a mission with the OPT and Save it unaltered? If the same thing happens then it might imply a W7 'permission' issue.

Secondly, are you sure that the changes you make with the OPT editor don't leave you with an unexecutable mission?

Sorry to put the ball in your court but I emigrated from XP to W7 without this problem. Mind you, I do everything as Administrator as no-one else uses my sim PC!

Cheers - Dai.