X-Plane aircraft sound system?

I don't own X-Plane, (I'm considering buying it), but one annoying thing I've seen in the demo and YouTube videos is the system that generates an XP aircraft's sounds. It seems to me that the pitch changes like a stair-step, almost as if it has a set percentage of change over the RPM increment value. Also, after digging into the XP demo folder, I've found that each aircraft only has 2 files for its engine sounds: 1 for the exterior, and another for the interior. I'm not seeing any type of reference .INI or configuration file that defines the sounds either.

I'm really wanting to fly X-Plane 10, but the way the engines sound is enough to drive me crazy if I listen to it for too long.

I would have posted this on X-Plane.org, but for some reason it won't let me start a new thread anywhere...:confused:

EDIT: Never mind, guys. Turns out that this is too negligible of an issue to turn me down from buying X-Plane. I'm buying it anyway. :p
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