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XML files


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Hi Jeff,

Which files from the XML folder does SODE read?

I had an issue with duplicate objects while testing some things and I got the impression that the backup file made by my text editor (with the extension xml~) was also still read and processed. Could that be the case?


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Hi Arno,
made some tests and get the same result. Every file with name.xmlxxxxxxxx
is read and processed. What is behind the .xml really doesn´t matter.
Jeff should add that to the list for one of the next versions I think.
Thanks for the report. I will check that in the code, although I'm sure I put an xml filter in the search string. Perhaps there are some other flags I missed in the Win32-API call...

A quick question on this (IMHO) related topic, if I may:

In *.XML files created / edited / used with SODE, are any "UTF" and/or "Byte Order Mark" criteria required in one's XML file format ?

FYI: That question regarding XML requirements for the MSFS SDK came to mind as I was reading this thread:


Thanks in advance for any clarification on this; and many thanks for making SODE available to the FS Developer Community ! :)

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Hi Gary,
I didn´t invest too much in the coding but edit the files with notepad++
That says "ANSI as UTF-8", so that AFAIK means, it is UTF-8 coding but no BOM.
If you use notepad++ in default-mode (coding: UTF-8 no BOM) SODE should read the files without problems.
I also use notepad++ using UTF-8 no BOM and have no issues. The XML parser I use doesn't impose any special criteria I suppose.

The bug concerning the inclusion of incorrect file extensions is fixed. The root was the WinAPI call, that included also shortnames of the file e.g. "ABCDE~.XML" of a file "ABCDEFGH.XML123".
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Thanks for the replies; I look forward to testing the next version of these files when available. :)


BTW: IIUC, one may prefer to use "NotePad++" (aka "NotePad plus-plus" or "NPP") to ensure output of FSX SDK compatible XML files; readers interested in using this freeware editor for text, XML, etc. may get it here:


PS: I see that the default NotePad++ titlebar designation of "ANSI as UTF-8" was regarded as a 'bug' due to potential mis-interpretation as to what file format might result; IIUC this was fixed (...but not documented ?) in a May of 2014 bug-fix update.

A "eXtensible Markup Language (*.XML)" output file type is now available in the NotePad++ 'Save As Type' pick list. :idea:




By default NotePad++ auto-updates itself online every startup; it is IMHO a good idea to allow this process to run. ;)

PPS: A concurrent related discussion on UTF-8 versus UTF-16 and BOM with regard to XML files and FSX SDK compatibility:



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Shameless plug: Although at work I use Notepad++ as a company wide standard tool, I personally recommend PSpad.

But all in all... I think for xml, Visual Studio works best. Strange as it may seem.

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