P3D v4 XToMdl parsing error SlimDX.Direct3D9.Direct3D9Exception

Hi Guys!

I'm having trouble to convert MDL's from 3DS Max using P3D v4 SDK. The X files are exported without a problem, but when I try to convert it with xtomdl.exe I get the following error: SlimDX.Direct3D9.Direct3D9Exception

Strangely if I export a simple box with or without material from 3dsmax it is getting converted without error message. But when I try to export something more complex, or older object I created I cannot convert it.

I'm attaching the X file I'm trying to convert.

Interestingly if I import the model to MCX and export it from there it works fine, but I want to do it without MCX.
I was looking on the forum for similar problems, but could not really find any solution. I've checked all the dependency dll required by SlimDX.dll and copied them next to the SlimDX but no luck.

Anyway how you guys do the conversion to MDL? I'M using a bat file which executes the xtomdl.exe with the paramaters. Anyone using the Export function of the "Export and LOD Tools" from the plugin? (Build MDL file?) I've tried that as well and it won't work.

Thanks a lot!