P3D v4 Zeppelin NT

Picture shows my more than 10 years old FS9 Zeppelin, created with FSDS, in native P3DV4. Perhaps you remember this freeware pearl. Animations are not working yet, but compilation to native P3DV4 was not a big deal. Gauges and airfiles are working, but it seems, they need some hands on it too. Same with exterior and textures.

We will see.

Funny, last Sunday I was in Lindau and saw the Zeppelin flying there. I wondered if there is a version for FSX/P3D and found your old version. Because it was so old I haven't tried it yet in P3Dv4. Really funny, that you are posting here one day later... Oh if it always were like this in flight simulation :D
No way to get old FSX or fs9 versions in P3D to work, no animations and no workable VC. There´s a very old code inside...

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Hi Thomas.

I really appreciate your zeppelin, it makes the picture of the Bodensee region very special. Is there a realistic chance that you get it for the P3D v4? It would make me, but certainly many other users of your airship, happy :)
Nothing new. I have to finish both Soloys first. In April, my plan is to visit Zeppelin base in Friedrichshafen/Germany.