Zooming a 'large' area... Question.. Stitching?

Hey all,

On SBuilderX... If... I want a large area, and I want it to be more then say Zoom-13, how can I do that? The area does not fit in my window. Is this a limitation to the program?

For instance, can I program in a 'go get this land area at Zoom-14' and SBX goes in and finds that and brings it into the scene as the background map? Can that be done? (Should I be asking this at PTSim?)
Hi Bill:

IIUC, you want to use SBuilderX to download larger areas of coverage on the ground at ex: zoom level 14, but you cannot fit that larger area into the SBuilderX work-space when you View Background and zoom out to zoom level 13 (...or higher). :scratchch


Depending on what the zoom level is in the work-space, when you navigate:

SBuilderX Menu > File > Add Map > From Background

...that dialog for downloading imagery tiles typically shows a larger area of ground within its view window than is initially seen in the work-space background at ex: zoom level 13.

That download dialog also offers several zoom levels in various tile mosaic array sizes at various resolutions that are higher than is initially seen in the SBuilderX work-space at ex: zoom level 13.


If the larger areas of coverage on the ground that you want are not able to fit into the work-space view at ex: zoom level 13, you are very likely going to exceed the maximum working source file data set size for SBuilderX and 2GB SDK Resample BGL output size.

But, if you intend to compress the imagery BGL at ex: '85' to reduce its size by 40% (which may slightly reduce imagery sharpness in FS / P3D), you 'may' be able to use more than 1 source file set in a manually created custom multi-source *.INF to force SDK Resample to seamlessly merge the adjacent sources into a single BGL.

There is indeed a 'Get Background Tiles' utility available:

[SBuilderX install path]\GetTiles.exe: (32-Bit Windows)

[SBuilderX install path]\GetTilesLAA.exe: (64-Bit Windows)

NOTE: IIUC, this latter version can work with a bigger tile data set via the LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE flag in GetTilesLAA.exe.)

See: SBuilderX Menu > Help > {Search} tab > keyword: Get Background Tiles > List Topics

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