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    Thanks to all here at FSdeveloper.

    His Facebook page at mentions he is working on a Transferwise account to be linked up at SimMarket. Cheers Gman
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    Thorp T-18 Redux

    Wow Bob! :D Great to see your latest progress....amazing work! Cheers Gary
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    FS2004 Bell 407 V2.0

    Thanks George! Sergio, Concentrate on a basic white, fresh from the factory Bell 407 for FS9 2004 and get it flying. If someone feels they can do better with some part of it, they can share the fix and everyone will enjoy the amazing work you have provided just as you have improved the...
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    Is this the coolest FBO or what?

    Great architectural idea. I hope the aircraft form building's "cockpit" is an observation deck. Cheers Gman
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    FS2004 Bell 407 V2.0

    Stick a fork in it Sergio, it is done. :cool: Then send it over to George por favor. :duck: Fantastic work as always Sergio! Cheers Gary
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    Dodosim Developer and

    Hey Matt, Thanks for dropping HC off at the vet mate, and holding it's hand as it went to sleep. I remember when Rwy12 was being ravaged by spammers and porno crap and I am glad the lights went out at HC before that happened. It is what it is mate...good times....cheers! All the best to Jordan...
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    Landable helipad in wood

    Hi Finn What were your issues with placement of the objects? Gman
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    FSX Alternative?

    You might watch for a sale at Steam, FSX-SE has been trouble-free for me, and they have really tuned it up very well, quite stable and as far as I know works well with add-ons you may already have. If you want to step up for P3D as Tom suggested, you may be able to upgrade your Flight Sim...
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    Landable helipad in wood

    Cool deal. I figured Shawn would hook you up, he is a great guy. I enjoyed his forest fire scenery objects which were very challenging. Cheers Gman
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    Landable helipad in wood

    Yes hovercontrol is not quite as busy as it used to be so Shawn may not check in often. I will look around to see if I have it. No guarantee.
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    Landable helipad in wood

    Yes, the FS9 Chopper World set does include some wooden towers. Also, for the FS9 field expedient wood log pads used for firefighting sceneries, you can search Shawn Lund at Hovercontrol and AVSIM, as was mentioned, these are better suited to Instant Scenery placements as they are problematic...
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    FSXA Bell 206 JetRanger V2.0

    Wow George, I've been splitting my time between Phoenix and San Francisco lately so I haven't had a lot of time to fly the Bell 206 Jetranger V 2.0, but what time I have had has been a lot of enjoyment of your newest freeware offering, even if it is one of the oldest packages around. She flies...
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    FS2004 Bell 407 V2.0

    Since I still don't have FS9, it is hard to get too excited about this update to the Kelly/Devins Bell 407, but she could not have had a more loving step-father than you Sergio. :) She looks better than ever for sure buddy! Sigh :confused:.... someday she will make it to FSX. :rotfl::duck::wave:
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    FSXA Bell 429 (FSX)

    It will be nice to see her for the first time. (FSX) Cheers Bro. :duck: Gary
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    Is this perhaps the Ultimate Home Simulator?

    Maryadi, it is a word-play on the statement >My wife "say's no". Cheers Gary