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    freeware and support for it

    Hehehe. That is why I posted it here. If I posted this on a non-developer forum, I'd probably need an asbestos suit by now. :D
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    freeware and support for it

    I agree with both of you. I see nothing has changed amongst designers in this regard after my absence from the scene. I just wanted to double-check this with you, since I read AVSIM's upload instructions, and it was interesting to note that they *seem* to assume some level of support for a...
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    freeware and support for it

    Hello all, been a while. I'll ask this question here, because you guys are always so thoughtful on these matters, and even-tempered about your approach to them. I saw something on a popular FS site's upload guidelines that made me wonder... Is there a general consensus in the FS world of...
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    AI Aircraft multiple parking codes "appear to work" in FSX

    Yes I know what you mean exactly. Really the whole AI setup in FS8/9/X is not really setup for ease-of-use. I mean, you have to have models. Then you have to have repaints. Then you have to have schedules. Then you have to make sure the models are in the right place. Then you have to...
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    Changing what service is called while in flight

    Aren't there some threads here about the comm/atc boundaries? I think they are stored in the navaid bgl's.
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    World of AI Packages

    ...and the packages where there, I assume? Another thing...if you download and install a bunch of WoAI packages, be WARNED that on most of the AI aircraft those packages install, the wing_span entries are incorrect, meaning your AI will park incorrectly at any FSX airport.
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    AI Aircraft multiple parking codes "appear to work" in FSX

    I prefer to use parking spot radius to control my parking whenever possible. I do not like having multiple parking codes, for a lot of the reasons you mentioned. I have made airports where I have only a single parking code for each spot, or, at most, maybe two codes. I see many designers...
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    Goofy AI placement....ideas??

    Ok, that's what I suspected. That is what I had to do with the helo AI that I made in 07. Incidentally, I think there is some new helo AI package (commercial) out there, and I think those helo AI do vert takeoffs and landings, in case you're interested.
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    Goofy AI placement....ideas??

    Out of curiosity are those Dauphins in the MyTrafficX package doing vert takeoffs and landings?
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    FSX Back to Basics

    Make sure the taxiway node is actually connected to the runway link. It does not appear to be, based on the taxiway centerline disappearing when it contacts the runway.
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    bridge with Gmax

    You may want to ask this question in the vector scenery subforum or fSX_KML subforum. FSX car traffic is a separate item compared to gmax. I am not sure if FSX car traffic will recognize a platform on your gmax object. A taxiing user aircraft would but the car traffic is completely...
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    Goofy AI placement....ideas??

    Helo's are a challenge to get working as AI using the traditional SDK bgl system. Vertical landings and takeoffs are extremely difficult to tweak into the .air file especially if it's going to be AI. However, using SimConnect, you can probably do just about anything with them. I am not...
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    FSX Intersection Take-off

    :confused: I have just looked at FAUP, Runway 35 in GoogleEarth. I don't see anything at Upington that looks too unusual. I am somewhat confused by your question and also by Jim and George's responses, so I want to see what's going on here. Are you trying to add underlying/backing...
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    Goofy AI placement....ideas??

    That looks like the dc-3 STATIC aircraft object to me. I bet if you look at the <SceneryObject code areas in the xml you'll find a DC-3 static object there. Some aircraft taxi better than others. I have noticed taildraggers being lazy in their turns, but I have also seen it in tricycle...
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    I've been watching it go 'round and 'round for hours now...

    Very nice radar and tower! Animation is the next thing I am going to learn.