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Recent content by n4gix

  1. n4gix

    FS2004 Gauges to trigger playing sounds

    COM and NAV radios have knobs with discrete tactile detents. The only way to represent that is to use very soft "clickety sounds..." ;)
  2. n4gix

    Landing gear retraction animation

    Perhaps it is a silly question, but why would a hangar even need a gear animation? :scratchch
  3. n4gix

    FS2004 Gauges to trigger playing sounds

    Simply add an 'initialization' routine at the top, and then test for 'has it just loaded'. if{ (L:init,bool) 0 == 1 (>L:init,bool) } (G:Var2) (G:Var3) != (L:init,bool) and if{
  4. n4gix

    Anyone else ride an eBike?

    That is a nice looking eBike. I suspect that the main reason the RadRunner + is so heavy is the 500watt motor and the 14Ah battery. In addition the long rear rack and thick padded seat all to the total weight.... ...the two 20 inch/4.2 inch wide "fat" tires aren't light either!
  5. n4gix

    Anyone else ride an eBike?

    I was so excited when it arrived last Sunday! Then I tried to get it out of the MASSIVE box.... ...that has proved impossible for me to do alone. :censored: Now I'm uncertain whether I'd be able to handle getting it in and out of my house, and I'm sure not about to leave a $2000 eBike outdoors...
  6. n4gix

    Landing gear retraction animation

    The model I'm currently working on is using the same animation schema for gear extension/retraction/strut compression as indicated in my previous message. The only difference is using the model behaviors template(s) instead of the old FSX XML schema.
  7. n4gix

    Version: "Build All" still destroys all objects.

    Sorry, but they've been too busy breaking other stuff. Good grief, could ASOBO possibly make the update process more complicated than it is? :banghead:
  8. n4gix

    Landing gear retraction animation

    Which platform? MSFS or FSX? Animations for gear have used 200 keyframes, with 0 -100 being retracted - extended and 100-200 strut compression.
  9. n4gix

    MSFS Looking for some good grass

    So, I wasn't the only one to think something along similar lines. :rotfl:
  10. n4gix

    Anyone else ride an eBike?

    Well, my shiny new Rad Runner Plus was delivered by FedEx just before noon today. The driver picked it up and carried it across the street easily. I thought to myself "Oh joy, that doesn't look all that heavy!" I'm happy that the driver offered to carry it into my house. There is no way I would...
  11. n4gix

    MSFS Prepare for a major update to MSFS tomorrow

    Well, it took about eight hours and four reboots before I finally managed to get all of the bits and bobs downloaded and installed. I have a 1gBit fiber optic connection, yet was only getting about 0.3 gBit download speed! That sucks... :mad:
  12. n4gix

    MSFS Getting rid of photoscenery planes

    Now that is how a video tutorial should be done!
  13. n4gix

    MSFS How to stop the prop windmilling when engine off?

    What you want to do should work using a conditional test with two branches: stopped or spinning. I haven't gotten around to digging deeply into the new MSFS animation scripts yet, but the principle is still valid I am fairly sure. What you need is to create a custom variable such as (L:engine...
  14. n4gix

    MSFS "Build All" in MSFS2020 Developer Mode

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give 'em a try in the morning.
  15. n4gix

    MSFS "Build All" in MSFS2020 Developer Mode

    Has anyone any idea why when I try using the Developer Mode's "Build All" command I get nothing at all? I can successfully Load the project but clicking on "Build All" I get no response... :eek: