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Recent content by NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

  1. NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

    MSFS Windsock in the middle of a highway

    One more thing, do not make your exclusion rectangle too small. I do not know why, but it does not work if you make it too small. Just watch out for that one! I excluded the windsocks at two of my airports this way.
  2. NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

    MSFS Windsock in the middle of a highway

    An Exclusion Rectangle will fix it. Set to All Objects.
  3. NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

    MSFS Giving up on MSFS…

    I have developed five airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 all of which worked flawlessly up to Patch V1.16.2.0. Now, two of these airports works flawlessly, but the other three causes MSFS to crash to the desktop and I have no idea why. It is not that I am doing anything funny. All my...
  4. NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

    MSFS Anyone else have issues with patch

    Ever since installing the patch, some of my addon airports are now crashing to desktop. No idea why. They all worked find yesterday before the patch, but not now... No idea what Microsoft did... It is also not all of the airports, but only some of them. There is only one way to design scenery...
  5. NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

    MSFS build error in ADE

    Microsoft has changed a lot of things with patch I am not surprised that ADE is no longer working. Three of my airports now caused MSFS to crash to desktop and I do not know why... Personally I think the patch is broken.
  6. NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

    MSFS Failed to convert texture during build

    Your object files (.bin, .gltf and .xml) go in PackageSources/modelLib/ and the texture files (.png) goes in to the texture folder under modelLib. I had the same issue with the texture files you did. All textures must be in equal height and width. That is 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048 etc...
  7. NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

    MSFS Glideslope Library Object Help

    Attached is the GLTF files; I hope you know what to do work it from here... Some free advice from someone who has been around the block more times than anyone can count! ;) If you want to be successful in designing airports for MSFS, then learning how Blender works is essential. The program...
  8. NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

    MSFS Glideslope Library Object Help

    Sorry, but there is not one. There also is no objects for VOR's and NDB's; in case you want to look for those as well! To solve the problem, I converted the FSX object for use in MSFS, but that just looked beyond awful in MSFS! I then designed my own based on real world photos. It's not perfect...
  9. NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

    MSFS Hold-Short Node Locations

    I work a lot with the default editor and it does not have any way to check for any limits regarding hold short nodes. I have also watched a lot of videos from users showing how to add taxiways with hold short points using the default editor and none of them seem to be worried about any hold...
  10. NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

    MSFS Alpha 18 Report Back

    Thanks for the explanation about the models. I was wondering why all my models are 180 degrees off! I have been correcting these in Blender ever since; rotating them 180 degrees before placing them in MSFS. Now I know why! :D:D:D
  11. NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

    MSFS No Taxi Lights when adding a Taxiway.

    Are you adding edge lines with your taxiways? If your taxiways does not have edge lines, then this is not an ADE issue, but an MSFS thing. I use the default editor in MSFS quite often and the only way to get taxi edge lights is to add edge lines to a taxiway. The alternate is to draw the lights...
  12. NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

    MSFS Replacing Base Textures

    We all use the same method: use an apron poly, choose a grass texture of more or less the same colour and then hide the photographed aircraft under that. Something I have discovered is that if you blend the edges of the poly, it merges quite nicely with the rest of the ground! It is then...
  13. NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

    MSFS Path Edge Lines and Projected Mesh

    This is not an ADE issue... I use both ADE and the build in editor of MSFS and the edge lines for roads also do not bend there. I just disable them draw my own road edge lines in yellow as we use them over here. I cannot comment on your other question, sorry!
  14. NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

    MSFS Texture failed to convert [SOLVED]

    I have solved this error and I am now posting the solution for learning purposes. If you get this error FAILED TO CONVERT TEXTURE: path/filename.png while compiling your airport for MSFS then check the texture(s) you are using. The error should generate at the incorrect texture, but not always...
  15. NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

    MSFS Texture failed to convert [SOLVED]

    I have a little mystery that I just cannot solve. I have two buildings in Blender. I designed these buildings for FSX using FSDS, but I convert the MDL's to Collada files using Model Converter so that I can import them into Blender. This has so far worked flawlessly for several hundred objects...