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    Sloped airports Ground Polygons

    I understand that the Ground Poly you are making is actually a 3D modeled ground with elevations edited by hand the method sounds good however I have a question that I can't get out of my mind do you use a platform property in MCX to be sure that the plane doesn't just go through the mesh?

    Sloped airports Ground Polygons

    Hello I'm wondering how can we make GP for sloped airports, I mean GPs are 3D objects flattened to the ground and sloped airports do not have a flat ground geometry which makes me think about how can we apply creatures to our GPs? note that every user has his own mesh settings and mesh files...

    ADE P3D v5 Sloped Airports

    how about a sloped runway that is connected to a taxiway flatten at a different height that is also connected to an apron that has a different height, will we get slopes? how about GPs ?

    ADE P3D v5 Sloped Airports

    Hello Does the sloped runways and taxiways follow the mesh file ?

    P3D v4 Prepar3D Version 5 - April 14

    will ADE have an option to change some slopes in the airport ? or it depends on the mesh file?

    P3D v4 Prepar3D Version 5 - April 14

    I've never seen a scenery with sloped runways, Fly Tampa use 3D models, it's just a 3D model with platforms

    P3D v4 Prepar3D Version 5 - April 14

    I have an interesting question we used to GP to make a layer above default AFCAD textures, our GP are basically 3D flat Objects placed on the ground, we have a small slope every 100m using the MCX GP wizard but now, we have sloped runways and aprons which means GPs cannot be flat anymore, it's...

    P3D v4 Prepar3D Version 5 - April 14

    Do you think guys that we have to update our simconnect / PDK products ?

    Docking system for FSX?

  10. RED COOL

    FSX VDGS guiding system

  11. RED COOL

    FSXA DGS (Docking Guidance System)... Anyone?

  12. RED COOL

    Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS)

    here is a free VDGS engine: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/smart-dock-vdgs-engine.446000/#post-834711
  13. RED COOL

    P3D v4 My Weather Engine ( free )

    Well we can say that this project is small but took a year to get to Alpha stage, I had some people testing it and it just broke somewhere between their departure and arrival so the development process is on stand by as I started and finished a new project (I'm keeping the updates UP) Click here...
  14. RED COOL

    P3D v4 Smart Dock | VDGS Engine

    Hello product will be released to day check this website : https://bpwscenery.wixsite.com/download
  15. RED COOL

    P3D v4 Smart Dock | VDGS Engine

    few days before the release (making docs ;))