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    MSFS Smart Dock | VDGS Engine for MSFS

    Hello guys I'm still working on the prototype, I decided to test some art work on this working prototype before starting a whole new 3D project to make sure that everything runs smoothly once I start the final project cheers

    MSFS Smart Dock | VDGS Engine for MSFS

    Hello guys Some of you might have heard or read about smart dock for P3D V4+, I posted about it in 2019 on this thread in the show room! I have been searching for a VDGS Engine for MSFS, and I couldn't find one that satisfies my need for perfect parking guidance + real-world simulation of...

    Render text or image in game?

    Sorry mate No info so far

    [SOLVED]Getting Nose wheel position

    I will write it with a red font " Addon not to be used around the poles" Seriously though, it would be interesting to solve this problem. I'm thinking about normalizing the coordinates, instead of having N89.9999999 I will normalize it to be lat = lat - 45° and then add 45° at the end while...

    [SOLVED]Getting Nose wheel position

    I thought about it, but the difference is minimal because we're talking about meters to really significant coordinates @Anthony31 I would like to thank you I reread this sentence and I somehow I coded it : here is the final code: coord.Latitude = _coord.Latitude +...

    [SOLVED]Getting Nose wheel position

    I don't seem to be able to make it work here is the code I'm ending up with (I think you forgot to convert rlon to rad) WorldPos _coord; // input WorldPos coord; // output _angle = deg2rad(_angle); coord.Latitude = _coord.Latitude + (MeterToCoordinates(_distance *...

    [SOLVED]Getting Nose wheel position

    Hello guys back in P3D days I've worked on an Addons that used nose wheel position in order to calculate some distances, my method to get this position was to request attachpoint world position of a taxi light effect used by the aircraft developer this method used to work very well. Now, I'm...

    FSX (Can I) Combine multiple scenery BGL files?

    Turn everything into XML file and compile it into a big bgl file The XML should contain infos such as Mdl files paths to make the library and scenery placement of these files. Airports should be able to be included just fine (never tested this one ) PS. Some vector bgl files are not originally...

    MSFS Custom SimVar

    any clue how this type of simvars is used ? can it be access through XML can we set / read it through simconnect like A:Simvars ?
  10. RED COOL

    MSFS MSFS Visibility conditions

    any way to control those visibility conditions through simconnect app ?
  11. RED COOL

    MSFS Visibility

    did anyone succeed to control visibility conditions through simconnect app ?
  12. RED COOL

    MSFS MSFS Visibility conditions

    Keep up the content 💪
  13. RED COOL

    MSFS MSFS Visibility conditions

    The solution was as simple as that, thnx for pointing that out this YouTuber is a gift to MSFS devs, thanks for the video
  14. RED COOL

    MSFS MSFS Visibility conditions

    Hello I'm trying to implement visibility conditions into my simobjects I've tried many codes with many structures (old p3d/fsx partinfo sections and new behavior/component sections) but nothing seems to work I've read a topic showcasing the code structure but still no result here is my test...
  15. RED COOL

    MSFS doesn't render my model

    Please do notify us!