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Recent content by scott967

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    MSFS Straighten taxipath CTD.

    I was trying to use the straighten taxipath in ADE 2020 but every time I try it throws an exception and exits. Log was sent on one of them scott s. .
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    Wavefront obj import problem

    Arno, hope your move is going well and you are not living out of boxes while getting new house set up. Anyway, was attempting to import some wavefront obj but MCX doesn't seem to like the materials. Specifically the event log shows for each material: 10:22 AM OBJReader Warning Failed...
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    FSXA width of Roads in FSX

    To expand a bit, in FS9 it was possible to specify the width of a road line vector in the bgl code but in FSX you now have to specify a texture guid that references terrain.cfg, and in there the terrain id for the guid has a line StripWidthMeters which controls it. So if you want a custom width...
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    Error when compiling road traffic

    I got this tip from you in the past and that's what I always use. Works well. I also create a second copy, set width, and convert to poly set as maskclassmap excludeautogen to create the right of way underlayment/encasement. I actually like this better than UTX method of creating a terrain id...
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    Taking a Break

    thanks Jon for everything. I haven't been around much lately, but I do have 4809 up and running and it is very nice indeed. scott s. .
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    FSX SbuilderX and AB_ExcludeAutoGen Poly

    I guess my question is, are we sure this is autogen? "Normally", the autogen is determined by the terrain landclass texture. The landclass bgl assigns the texture and the texture has an accompanying .agn file which specifies the autogen. Now as far as I know, when custom terrain (photo...
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    FSX TimeZone findings

    The ones for North America are on avsim and I think they work correctly. I did ones for Europe, but ran into what seem to me bugs in FSX. According to the sdk, the timezones have a "priority" attribute that is supposed to determine which one is used when they are overlayed, but in some cases...
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    FSX Flat Islands

    Sometimes it works to export an SBX text file and use an editor to convert poly types, set elevations on points, etc and then import it back in (or create a second project). A text editor which can do search/replace using regular expressions is helpful. scott s. .
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    Tutorial: Approaches

    Generally we use TF legs from RNAV waypoint to waypoint. You need the FAF fix IGDUF and step-down fix JIGBO. The missed leg is direct to COLUD so I think DF instead of CF. The racetrack at WELUP is only if you are using WELUP as the IAP (transition) and approaching from the south. I don't...
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    FSX Problem with old shorelines and flooding

    Agree that looking at the default and addon files and the landclass in tmfviewer would help. scott s. .
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    ADE Beta Version 1.51.4528 Released

    Had a problem after first installing, the airport list from open stock airport had the subtree of countries repeated twice. But after shutting down and starting again I can't repeat this. So far night view looks good. scott s. .
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    Suggestions Vote

    S011 would be using the generic building commands in bglcomp. S007 5 S011 10 S017 10 S021 15 S023 20 S029 10 S025 25 scott s. .
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    Trimble Navigation buying Sketchup

    Google is selling off Sketchup and the 3d warehouse to Trimble. Claim is that freeware users will continue to be supported, but I guess time will tell. scott s. .
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    FS2004 Terrain wintertextures stays to long (seasons.bgl?)

    Just saw this. 2 problems with FS9 seasons. 1 is the resolution is poor, so it doesn't work so good if you have for example mountain area that has seasonal snow only on top (year round snow can be handled with a texture). 2 is that there are 12 season maps, one for each month, and they charge...
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    Pond Troubles

    I don't think I've ever seen a hydro poly impact an object? scott s. .