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Recent content by TiAr

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    MSFS Hahnweide EDST

    This is a very nice project - great to see. Thanks.
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    MSFS Blender2MSFS support thread

    No they are dl at the moment. :stirthepo Many, many thanks to You and the Team. Thomas
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    FS2004 B205-A1

    Hi Nate, what a surprise, good to see you here back. Thomas
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    P3D v4 Bugatti 100P

    First two VC shots of the orignal status 1939 and at least Scotty Wilsons flying 1:1 replica of 2015. I will create two totally different airplanes. There is a nice article about Bugatti 100Ps history and Wilson Project out: Author Preston Lerner, published in Air & Space Magazine of...
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    P3D v4 Bugatti 100P

    Today I show new screenshots once from the interior model and the exterior model. PBR effects are not shown here, but are included. They show well the state of development, but they only show the model. Animations of switches, control levers etc. still have to be made. Only three materials are...
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    Project ???

    Great, the yellow trees in autum should be darker - like the summer ones. Overall lighting is really nice, indeed. Thomas
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    P3D v4 Bugatti 100P

    Since days I did a closer look on the 100p. And day for day I am getting a much more respect of the engineers, who are involved in development of this artwork more than 80 years ago. Anyway, it is really difficult to get special informations about flight characteristics, engines behavior and...
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    P3D v4 Bugatti 100P

    New with native V5 and PBR. Thomas
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    P3D v4 Bugatti 100P

    Besides my Soloy project for P3DV5 I'm also working on the ancient Bill Ortis project from FS2004 times for V4.5 and V5 that I present here. The exterior model is only slightly modified so far, the focus is currently on the cockpit and its operation. Since the real development is now 82 years...
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    Canadair CT-114 Tutor

    Oh, an up to date V4 Tutor is more than welcome. Great to see, there is one in dev. You made my day! Please go ahead! Thomas
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    Bellanca Super Viking

    Yes, I get it, thanks a lot. I noticed no overall issue with systems/gauges in V5, also in V4.5. All there like cockpitsounds, tooltips etc. But I noticed, that I missed LHC_Q2.cab. It should be there, because in panel.cfg it is executed. In my installation (P3DV4) there is a LHC_X2.gau (which...
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    Bellanca Super Viking

    No, it is your pure Bellanca in P3DV5. I only change my new painted textures of fuselage, wings etc. without merging anything. Your superb model is looking quite fine in V5. Also without PBR. But you have to know, which folders you put in V5. Thomas
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    Prepar3D v5 support

    Arno, many thanks. New MCX is working really fine with V5 SDK. Its a big step foward. Are there any LM news relating shader issues with trueSky and PBR? Thomas
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    Bellanca Super Viking

    Hello Bill, thank you very much for your great addon. The Super Viking is working like a charme. I like it very much. Also the way you mapped the parts. It is easy to repaint. Anyway I did the last remaining D-reg in Germany. Also a nice one. Thomas
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    I'm working on aircraft... (2020)

    Fuji FA200-180 is on the way. Working with Blender2FSX/P3D toolset. Will be P3DV4.5+. Thomas